Be a Team Representative

Each team has a Booster Club delegate who serves as a liaison between the team’s parents, coaches, and the Booster Club. The team delegate’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Attend monthly Booster Club meetings on the first Wednesday of the month in WHS’s media center.
  • Help the Booster Club achieve 100% membership by encouraging all team parents to join the Booster Club.
    • For the 2017-2018 school year, teams who achieve 100% membership for Varsity and JV will receive at $200 bonus!!
    • Teams attaining 75% or greater membership earn 25% of membership revenue back to the team.
    • Teams attaining 74%-50% membership earn 10% of membership revenue back to the team;
    • All funds earned through this incentive program will be transferred to the team’s account for team use as it chooses.
  • Communicate with team coaches to learn about needs, concerns, successes, etc., and bring this information to the Booster Club meetings.
  • Coordinate, as directed by your coach, team parents to volunteer for team activities — helping at the concession stand, driving to away games, hosting team dinners, helping at senior night, organizing the end-of-the-season banquet, etc.
  • Work with JV and/or Varsity team Booster Club counterparts to coordinate membership, concessions scheduling, banquet planning, etc.
  • Coordinate with team coaches to publicize games, matches, updates, and results in WHS’s morning announcements and Patriot’s email.
  • Notify the Booster Club treasurer in advance regarding contributions to team’s end-of-season banquet.

If you are interested in becoming a team sponsor, please contact us today!